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Nature is Calling: 2018 Fall Newsletter


Nature is Calling, Fall 2018

Nature and Culture International’s strength is in people who share the same dreams: of diverse vibrant cultures; of forests and savannas alive with birds, plants and frogs; of clean water and air and a livable climate. Our strength is in 60 local staff and the 300 rural and indigenous communities we collaborate with in Latin America. Our strength is in hundreds of dedicated supporters like you who, in 20 years, have helped us protect more than 15 million acres of the most biological and culturally diverse ecosystems on the planet. Together we have protected a total area almost seven times the size of Yellowstone National Park.

Nature is calling to thank you for your continued support. Our latest newsletter shares how you have made the protection of millions of acres of biodiverse ecosystems possible.

A special thank you to our partners Andes Amazon Fund, Stiefel Behner Charitable Fund, Robert Wilson Charitable Trust, Tinker Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Nature and Culture’s Board whose generous financial support helped us achieve the goals highlighted in this newsletter.

We hope that with this little bit of news, you will be inspired by the programs that you have supported that help nature and culture thrive.

Click on the link to read the full publication! Nature and Culture Newsletter, Fall 2018