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The Story of Chakishca: A Puma Cub Rescued in Ecuador


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Check out the story of Chakishca, an injured puma cub rescued in the dry forests of Ecuador.

In March, an injured puma cub was rescued in the dry forests of Loja in southern Ecuador. Frankling Jiménez, of the Saucillo community, discovered the cub and immediately called Nature and Culture International for help.

“She was full of ticks and very malnourished. She couldn’t hunt, and she couldn’t run,” shares Frankling.
Nature and Culture has been working in Ecuador’s dry forests for more than 20 years, partnering with local communities and authorities. Our local conservationists have gained the trust of community members, who view Nature and Culture as a reliable partner dedicated to community-based conservation in the region.
Nature and Culture’s conservationist reported the cub, called Chakishca, to Ecuador’s Ministry of Environment and Water. While being treated at Planeta Vida Veterinary Hospital, veterinarians concluded that Chakishca was most likely a victim of wildlife trafficking. She is now recovering at the Ilitío Animal Recovery Center.
With help from caring people like you, Nature and Culture is working to protect wildlife habitat and prevent human-wildlife conflicts in the dry forest so that cubs like Chakishca will thrive in their forest home.
Learn more about this touching story in the video above.
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