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Have you ever seen a blue morpho butterfly?


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COVID-19 has changed a lot – from how we work and learn to how we take action. Luckily, Earth Day is a great time for us to make a difference.

Have you ever seen a blue morpho butterfly?

The blue morpho is among the largest and most impressive butterflies on the planet. Their vibrant blue wings span from five to eight inches! The species also contributes to a healthy Amazon ecosystem, and a healthy planet.

The variety of animals, plants, and other species found in nature are vital to sustaining all life on Earth. Humans depend on this variety, or biodiversity, for the air we breathe, the food we eat, traditional and modern medicines, and so much more.

Nature and Culture International protects biodiversity – including the blue morpho! – by saving endangered habitats across Latin America. By conserving wildlife and wild places, we ensure that future generations can enjoy the natural world and the incredible species that also call this planet home.

Right now we all are experiencing significant disruptions to our lives. As we weather these complicated times together, Nature and Culture’s work becomes even more urgent.

The coronavirus pandemic serves as an important reminder that human health is inextricably linked to biodiversity and the health of our planet. As habitat and biodiversity loss increase, we lose clean air, clean water, and many other benefits that allow people to thrive. Additionally, destruction of wild places through deforestation creates conditions for new viruses and diseases.

To protect our health, we need to combat the biggest threats to our planet, including deforestation and, increasingly, climate change. Now more than ever, Nature and Culture needs your support to continue our important work.

Together we can save wildlife and wild places for a healthy planet.

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