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NCI Proposes Marine Protected Areas in Peru


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TortugaSeptember 1, 2013 | We have achieved a major advance in our work with communities and the government to establish the first Pacific Tropical Marine Reserve Area in northern Peru. This proposed area will help to protect the wildlife and biodiversity of the East Pacific Tropical Ocean, an extremely rich bio-geographic province that is home to 70% of marine biodiversity in Peru. 

The three areas to be protected include – Foca Island, home to the northernmost population of endangered Humboldt penguins and extensive seabird colonies. The second, El Nuro, is critical habitat for the endangered giant seahorse and southern populations of giant oyster. It is also a natural habitat for green sea turtles and humpback whales. The Punta Sal Reef is the third area and has the highest number of new marine species in Peru with more being discovered every day! The proposal for this marine protected area is currently under review by the government park service of Peru with hope it will be declared soon.