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Your Generosity at work in El Sabinito Sur, Mexico


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Supporting our partners in conservation in El Sabinito Sur

Last month, I wrote to you about indigenous and rural communities struggling because of COVID-19. Because of compassionate people like you, a community in northern Mexico has received the help they so desperately needed.

The Sabinito Sur community has been isolated since March 21 when a national shelter-at-home emergency was declared in Mexico. Of Sabinito Sur’s 33 families, 21 found themselves with no income due to the pandemic.
“We can no longer go out to work,” said Natalia Murillo, a mother of two. Her husband previously worked in Alamos, located a few hours from Sabinito Sur.
With your support, Nature and Culture has provided food supplies to families in Sabinito Sur, including boxes full of eggs, milk, beans, cornmeal, rice, and other items.
Additionally, Nature and Culture has hired workers from Sabinito Sur on projects to repair roads and fence lines within the Monte Mojino Reserve, located one mile from the community, to provide an alternative source of income during the pandemic.
Nature and Culture truck with supplies
Nature and Culture's truck with supplies for Sabinito Sur, Mexico.
Nature and Culture distributing supplies
Nature and Culture staff distributing supplies to community members.
Community members hired to repair roads and fence lines within the Monte Mojino Reserve.
Community members hired to repair roads and fence lines within the Monte Mojino Reserve.
Rural and indigenous communities are the last defense for many endangered ecosystems against increasing threats like cattle ranching and logging. The Sabinito Sur community has been working with Nature and Culture since 2013 to save Mexico’s tropical dry forest.
Mexico’s tropical dry forest is home to extraordinary biodiversity including big cats like the jaguar and special migratory bird species. Unfortunately, it is one of the most threatened ecosystems in Mexico. Nature and Culture’s Monte Mojino Reserve protects the best remaining tropical dry forest of southern Sonora in collaboration with local communities like Sabinito Sur.
Nature and Culture Monte Mojino Reserve.
Nature and Culture Monte Mojino Reserve.
Jaguar on ReMM
Jaguar spotted on the Monte Mojino Reserve.
Clara Enrique, one of Nature and Culture’s local conservationists, shared that “we were all so happy to support our partners in conservation. The families from Sabinito Sur were incredibly thankful. The supplies and income are serving them, helping them, and supporting them.”
Thank you for sending help to nature’s guardians! You are making a difference for these communities – and for the planet. 

You can still send help to communities in need because of COVID-19. Visit to make a difference today.