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Key Water Sources and Archeological Sites Preserved by New Protected Area in Chachapoyas, Peru


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May 2015 | The 42,000 acre La Jalca Private Conservation Area protects a rich area of Andean cloud forest in the Utcubamba watershed, home to páramos (also known as jalcas) and small lagoons at high elevations. This region is important to Peru’s cultural heritage as it has several Chachapoyan archeological sites dating from when La Jalca was one of the larger cities in the Chachapoyan culture. The region is also home to a very active handicrafts culture that is nationally significant. This area is one of three protected areas where NCI helps local communities sell water from the protected area as a sustainable development initiative. Drawn from the protected areas, the community sells it to businesses and government offices in the city of Chachapoyas.