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Peruvian Candidates for Regional President Support Environmental and Social Principles


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Pacto 2September 2014 | We are pleased to announce the product of several months of work alongside the presidential candidates for the 2014 Regional Elections in Loreto and Ucayali, Peru. At events held in Loreto and Ucayali last week, all of the candidates for Regional President signed a mutual agreement confirming their commitment to support principles of environmental and social governance. NCI’s local offices organized these events as part of its work to support  conservation and sustainable development at the regional level.

In Loreto, the event was held in Iquitos, where the six candidates for Regional President signed a Pact of Social and Environmental Governance, which included commitments to respect indigenous rights and territories, and support land use planning and conservation. The event was organized by NCI’s local office in partnership with the local radio station Voz de La Selva (Voice of the Jungle) and the non-profit group Derecho, Ambiente y Recursos Naturales.

Gloria Sarmiento of NCI’s Loreto office, who worked alongside the candidates on behalf of NCI, said “For the first time in the democratic history of Loreto, all candidates for the regional government have been able to analyze, discuss and reach consensus on the principles of social and environmental policies that ensure the sustainable and inclusive development for Loreto.”

In Ucayali, a similar event was organized by NCI’s local office, in which eight candidates for the Presidency of the Ucayali Region participated and signed a similar agreement to respect the rights of local communities and promote the conservation of natural resources and headwater basins.

Despite complex issues surrounding development and conservation in the country, it is gratifying to see regional politicians responding to the social and environmental issues affecting their constituents with raised awareness and a public show of support. NCI’s local staff will continue to work alongside community members and politicians to support conservation initiatives that enhance the well-being of local people.