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New Study on Monte Mojino Reserve


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New Study on Monte Mojino Reserve Provides Insight Into Protecting Tropical Dry Forests

Tropical dry forests are among the most threatened habitats on the planet. They are home to a great diversity of species, and essential for healthy ecosystem services that nearby human populations rely on, including water.

Our 18,211-acre Monte Mojino Reserve is focused on protecting the best remaining tropical deciduous forests of southern Sonora.

The two main causes of tropical dry forest loss and degradation are agriculture expansion and livestock grazing (most often cattle). However, the effects of cattle on the regeneration of tropical dry forest in Mexico are poorly understood, largely because it is difficult to locate forest without livestock.

Nature and Culture’s Monte Mojino Reserve offered a special opportunity for researchers to study a tropical dry forest in Mexico that has effectively kept agriculture and livestock out of its borders.

Newly published results from this study reveal that properly managed lands that exclude livestock safeguard animals, plants, and ecosystems that are essential to human health and well-being.

Results provide important data to conserve this endangered ecosystem in northwest Mexico, and other tropical dry forests across the globe!

Learn more about Nature and Culture’s Monte Mojino Reserve here.