Ethics and Compliance

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Nature and Culture is committed to prompt and thorough investigation, follow-up, and resolution of any complaints and/or claims made by employees, partners, or community members with whom we work regarding suspected violations by staff, consultants, or board members of Nature and Culture’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, organizational policies, or the law.

Please note, the timeline for investigating and resolving each case will vary depending on the nature of the claim.


  1. This service is not an emergency hotline or substitute for contacting law enforcement.
  2. The information you submit via this channel may not be reviewed immediately.
  3. If you are facing a life-threatening emergency or believe you are facing the threat of imminent bodily harm, please contact your local policy or emergency responders immediately.
  4. We ask you to provide your name and contact details to enable us to obtain the information needed to fully investigate the incident you submitted and, when appropriate, follow up with you after we complete our investigation. Any data you submit will be managed confidentially.

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Ethics and Compliance