Ivi Maraei

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Creating a Mosaic of Reserves to Preserve Bolivia’s Water Supply

The 226,499-acre Ivi Maraei Municipal Watershed Reserve in the southern Bolivian province of Chuquisaca marks the first reserve declared in Bolivia with Nature and Culture International’s support. This reserve protects rich Andean forests, a stunning array of species, and the regions’ water supply. Moreover, it represents a vision by the local communities and governments to secure clean water now and for generations to come.

Through a partnership with the local nonprofit organization Natura Bolivia, Nature & Culture provided the funding needed to catalyze and guide the creation of this important watershed reserve. Now, Nature & Culture is continuing its expansion in Bolivia by funding the creation of additional protected areas alongside Natura Bolivia.

In 2016, Nature & Culture and Natura Bolivia are embarking on a plan to protect 1.2 million acres through the creation of four new protected areas across multiple ecosystems, from the dry Chaco in the south to the mountainous tropical forests of the Andes.