Saving some of the most biodiverse landscapes on the planet.

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Protecting wild places is at the heart of what we do

We safeguard biodiverse and carbon-rich places by working in partnership with local communities and governments to declare protected areas at local and national levels across Latin America.

Landscape Mosaics

Strategic protection of wild places

We focus on protecting whole ecosystems, because we believe in an integrated approach. We selected 13 Landscape Mosaics as our areas of geographic focus.

Similar to a tile mosaic, through thoughtful placement of individual pieces, a meaningful pattern emerges. It is the same with a Landscape Mosaic.

The component parts combine into a functioning whole that provides wildlife habitat, clean abundant water, carbon storage, and myriad other benefits. 

That’s true whether the individual pieces are national parks, Indigenous territories, protected municipal watersheds, or some combination of all.

Long-term management

Declaring a protected area is actually just the beginning.

Ensuring the long-term viability of existing conservation areas is as important as establishing new ones. In our 25 years, we haven’t had a single protected area reversed.

That’s because we are committed to holistic management and track our protected areas’ health with what we call Vital Signs.

When you support Nature and Culture, you are supporting the long-term protection of ecosystems. Our conservation areas are here to stay.

Vital Signs

Working in mosaics is a long-term commitment, requiring continuous monitoring and evaluation. That’s why we track each area we protect to make sure its “vital signs” are in good health.

Designating a protected area is not enough. To thrive, it needs oversight, planning, and funding, which we monitor as Vital Signs. In the same way, a doctor checks a person’s vital signs to ensure they are alive and well, we check a protected area’s vital signs to ensure it is thriving.

Ecosystems we protect

An ecosystem is comprised of all living things that share an environment, from plants and animals to microscopic organisms. Ensuring the integrity and health of whole ecosystems provides habitat for wildlife and important ecosystem services for all life. We work in some of the most biodiverse, yet threatened, ecosystems on the planet.

Protected Areas

We employ many different strategies to protect wild places, from municipal and local level government protection, to national level protect, to land purchase when necessary. Click here to learn more about our reserves and other key protected areas. 

Join us in protecting wild places today

Your continued support helps us to manage our protected areas and the ecosystems they support for the long term.