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Your impact in 2019


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Good news to share: Your impact in 2019 

During this time of uncertainty, it’s only natural to worry about our well-being and safety, and that of our loved ones.

The coronavirus pandemic is real, and it is hard. Our hearts go out to those who are sick, anxious, or isolated. But it will not last forever and we will weather the storm together. Meanwhile, there is hope, and there is good news to share.

Today Nature and Culture is glad to share how you made the world a better place in 2019.

Nature and Culture is incredibly grateful for the work that has been accomplished thanks to your generosity. Together we protected 3,316,421 acres of precious wild places in Latin America in 2019.

From lush rainforest in Ecuador to Bolivia’s dry forest, you saved habitat for birds and bears alike, secured essential water supplies, and protected indigenous peoples’ way of life. 

Nature and Culture’s latest Impact Report shows just some of the ways you protected our planet’s most special places in 2019.

Thank you for helping nature and culture thrive.

Thanks to you, Nature and Culture started 2020 with a great success! Check out the first Regional Conservation Area in Huánuco, Peru.