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Nature and Culture’s June 2022 Newsletter: A Roundup of Conservation in Action


Strategic Area: Climate - People - Species - Water - Wild Places -
Content Type: News
Country: Bolivia - Colombia - Ecuador - Mexico - Peru -

New protected areas, bioeconomy projects, environmental education, and some of our largest conservation efforts to date in Nature and Culture’s first round of highlights from 2022.

Nature and Culture International’s strength is in people who share the same dreams: of diverse vibrant cultures; of forests and savannas alive with plants and animals; of clean water and air and a livable climate. 

Our latest Newsletter shares just a few recent victories for our planet that you have made possible.

As exciting as our accomplishments are, they also underscore our urgent race against time. Scientists predict that climate change and habitat loss could drive more than one million species to extinction within the next fifty years. We risk losing myriad plants and animals before we even learn they exist, which is heartbreaking to contemplate.

The work is urgent, but there is so much to be hopeful for. Because of you, biodiverse eco-systems and Indigenous culture and way of life are being protected for the long term in partnership with local communities throughout Latin America.

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