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Donor Impact Report: Nature’s Greatest Guardians


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Celebrating Nature’s Greatest Guardians in Our Latest Donor Impact Report

Around the world, indigenous people have lived in harmony with nature for generations, living off the land and its resources while maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem itself.

Traditional knowledge and practices have been so successful that, although indigenous lands account for less than 22% of the world’s land area, their traditional territories are home to approximately 80% of the world’s biodiversity.

Indigenous people are nature’s greatest guardians.

Thanks to caring people like you, Nature and Culture International partners with indigenous people to safeguard our planet’s wildlife and wild places. Together we have protected over 20 million acres – conserving habitat, saving species, and fighting climate change.

Nature and Culture’s latest Donor Impact Report shares just a few recent victories for our planet that you have made possible. By supporting indigenous people, you are protecting wild places and the people who guard them.

We hope that with this little bit of news, you will be inspired by the programs that you have supported that help nature and culture thrive.

Thank you for being a part of the Nature and Culture Community.

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A special thank you to our partners the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, the Moxie Foundation, the Andes Amazon Fund, the. Waterloo Foundation, and BOS+ whose generous financial support helped us achieve the goals highlighted in this newsletter.