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Conservation area nearly doubled in northern Peru


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We have exciting news, thanks to donors like you! 

This week, your support nearly doubled a special conservation area in northern Peru. Bosques Montanos y Páramos Huaricancha Private Conservation Area now spans 14,617 acres of cloud forests and paramo grasslands, protecting additional habitat and resources.

Nestled in the Andes, Bosques Montanos y Páramos Huaricancha is home to an impressive array of wildlife, including the mountain tapir and grey-breasted mountain toucan. Alongside endangered mammals and Andean birds stands the quina, known worldwide for its medicinal uses. By extending Bosques Montanos y Páramos Huaricancha, the region has ensured a more sustainable future for all species in the area.

The area’s trees and paramos are vital for the regulation, collection, and storage of water. In fact, Andean forests and slopes in northern Peru are a source of water for about two million people!

Bosques Montanos y Páramos Huaricancha secures critical water supplies for nearby communities. The expansion will assure water availability for additional people south of the conservation area – and prevent droughts and floods, both of which are becoming more common with climate change.

Established in 2016, Bosques Montanos y Páramos Huaricancha is located in territory belonging to the community of Huaricancha. Recognizing increasing threats in the region, including deforestation and fires, the community led efforts to expand the conservation area. Huaricancha is the first campesina (or rural) community in Peru to request an extension of a private conservation area.

“Protecting our forests and paramos, we protect the wealth of our country and the water sources of [northern Peru],” said Jorge Zurita Yajahuanca, President of the Huaricancha Campesina Community.

Nature and Culture is supporting the implementation of the area’s Management Plan. 

Bosques Montanos y Páramos Huaricancha is a result of collaboration between the municipal government, local leaders and communities, Nature and Culture International, and the Peruvian Protected Area Service (SERNANP). The area was created with the financial support of World Land Trust and generous people like you.

With your help, Nature and Culture’s team in Peru will continue to work with the Huaricancha community, updating and implementing the area’s Management Plan to ensure effective and lasting conservation impact.

Thank you for making this achievement possible! We hope that this bit of good news inspires you to continue fighting for nature and culture.

Check out a map of the area here. Learn more about your impact in Andean cloud forests here.