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We are in this together


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A message on the COVID-19 pandemic from Nature and Culture 

Dear Friends of Nature and Culture,

My thoughts are with you during this uncertain time. I hope this note finds you safe and well.

The COVID-19 pandemic is on all our minds and with good reason. It is an unsettling, chaotic time. There are moments of grief and fear. I expected these moments. What I did not expect was the extraordinary outpouring of care and community. Ironically, as we have all distanced physically, we have come together in ways that I could not have imagined.

In humanity’s collective response to COVID-19, I see qualities emerging that we need against another global threat, that of climate change and biodiversity loss. I see resilience and rapid innovation. I see a willingness to rethink business as usual. More than anything, I see a sense of shared burden and commitment, that we are all in this together. 

Only when we come together can we can solve the biggest threats to humanity – and our planet.

I am extremely grateful for hundreds of supporters like you who have come together to protect our planet’s wildlife and wild places. You are an important part of Nature and Culture’s community. Thanks to you, to date, we have protected more than 20 million acres of extraordinary ecosystems that store 3.3 billion tons of carbon. I know that we will weather this storm together.

At this point, all of our employees throughout Latin America and the US are working from home. We are grateful that with modern technology we can continue the important mission of protecting our planet’s most biodiverse and threatened ecosystems.

Your words of concern and support for our conservationists and the local communities we work with have meant the world to our team. We are deeply grateful for you.

As we experience global threats, there is hope. That hope is you and people around the world who are committed to keeping our planet healthy.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of Nature and Culture’s conservation community. Please stay in touch during this time and take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Matt Clark

President & CEO