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New Protected Area Ambulco to Form Part of Conservation Corridor


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This newly approved conservation area will add to and unite with two other nearby protected areas.

On Monday, December 20, 2021, the Environmental Conservation Area of Cloud Forests and Páramos of Ambulco, was approved unanimously in a session of councilors from the Provincial Municipality of Ayabaca. Nature and Culture International worked with the Regional Government of Piura and the municipal councilors of Ayabaca to demonstrate the importance of the cloud forest and páramo ecosystems.

This new conservation area is located between the Samanga and Tapal communities in Ayabaca, Peru and will protect close to 3,000 acres of land. The protected territory will form part of a conservation corridor that connects the nearby páramos and cloud forests. The effectiveness of protected areas depends not only on whether they are intact and managed, but also on whether they are connected to other protected areas.

The Environmental Conservation Area was approved unanimously in a session of council members from the Provincial Municipality of Ayabaca.

Nature and Culture International and the Regional Government of Piura, together with the local population of Ambulco, developed various field trips for the collection of information to delineate the protected area and carry out biological studies.

It is also noteworthy that both the regional manager of Natural Resources and Environmental Management Engineer, Yony Rivera Córdova and the Director of the SRCAN Engineer Raúl Cevallos Encalada, mentioned that this protected area represents an opportunity to generate sustainable tourist attractions for the benefit of local inhabitants.

Iván Mejía Nature & Culture’s Coordinator for the Amazonas and Cajamarca areas indicated that the new environmental conservation area is home to at least 80 species of flora, 46 birds, 6 mammals and 18 insects. The biodiversity in the area contributes to ensuring environmental services and mitigating climate change in the long run.

Cloud Forest and Paramos of Ambulco