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Fighting deforestation in Bolivia


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Thanks to you, a new protected area was declared in Bolivia!

The Bolivian Andes contain incredible wildlife and essential water sources, but deforestation is rapidly destroying its ecosystems. Recent data reveals Bolivia is among the most deforested countries in the world.

Your support is making a difference. It is with great pleasure to announce the creation of a new protected area in southern Bolivia! The newly declared Serranías de Igüembe Municipal Integrated Management Natural Area protects critical water sources for indigenous communities and habitat for extraordinary species.
Serranías de Igüembe conserves 302,242 acres in the Bolivian Andes, spanning semi-humid montane and submontane forests and highland grasslands. Its vast landscape is home to threatened wildlife like the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus), ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) and tapir (Tapirus terrestris). Among the most representative birds is the military macaw (Ara militaris).
South American tapir
South American tapir (Tapirus terrestris), by Charles J Sharp. licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.
The area’s forests and grasslands contain important sources of water for the local population. Serranías de Igüembe will safeguard this important natural resource from expanding agriculture, logging, and other threats. It will also help prevent droughts, which are becoming more common with climate change.
Indigenous Guaraní communities reside in the region, just south of the protected area. These communities have lived in harmony with nature for hundreds of years, using ancestral knowledge, values, and practices to care for the land. The declaration of Serranías de Igüembe recognizes and preserves the rights, culture, and territorial management of the Guaraní people.
Serranías de Igüembe Municipal Integrated Management Natural Area
The new area saves wildlife and water sources for the local population.
Signing declaration for Serranías de Igüembe
The area was established by the Municipality of Villa Vaca Guzmán.
Serranías de Igüembe is a result of collaboration between Nature and Culture, Fundación Natura Bolivia,  the Municipality of Villa Vaca Guzmán, seven local communities, and seven indigenous Guaraní communities in the region.
The creation of Serranías de Igüembe is part of larger conservation efforts in the Bolivian Chaco. With your support, Nature and Culture will continue working with Fundación Natura Bolivia and local communities and authorities to ensure sustainable management in Serranías de Igüembe and two other recently declared areas: Cuanca Alta Río Parepeti Municipal Natural Area and Entre Ríos Water Conservation Area.
Thank you for making this achievement possible! We hope that this bit of good news inspires you to continue fighting for nature and culture.
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