Healthy ecosystems provide fresh water, air, and food security.

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Water as a tool for conservation

Everyone understands the need for clean, abundant water. Preserving important water sources is a powerful tool for encouraging overall ecosystem health. By leveraging local support to protect key water sources, Nature and Culture garners support for conservation projects, which in turn helps protect biodiversity and improves the overall health of nearby ecosystems.

We harness the need for clean abundant water to drive local conservation action.

Preserving local access to a sustainable water supply

Working locally to fight water scarcity.

We evaluate potential protected areas based on their strategic importance as water sources for human consumption and to guarantee food security for local communities.

Read more about our work to map and protect areas of hydric importance in Ecuador, in partnership with local communities and local and national government authorities. 

Protecting water at the source

With the support of our donors, Nature and Culture has worked to protect water by helping establish municipal funds, protected areas, and educational resources. Join us in preserving this precious resource.