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Nature Is Calling: The Climate Issue


Strategic Area: Climate - People - Species - Water - Wild Places -
Content Type: News
Country: Bolivia - Colombia - Ecuador - Mexico - Peru -

Learn how your support is fighting climate change in Nature and Culture’s latest newsletter.

Nature and Culture is with you during this uncertain time. The COVID-19 pandemic is on all our minds and with good reason. Ironically, as we have all distanced physically, we have come together.

In humanity’s collective response to COVID-19, Nature and Culture sees qualities emerging that we need against another global threat: climate change. We see resilience and rapid innovation. We see a sense of shared burden and commitment, that we are all in this together. Only when we come together can we can solve the biggest threats to humanity – and our planet.

Nature and Culture is extremely grateful for hundreds of supporters like you who have come together to protect the planet’s wildlife and wild places. To date, you have protected more than 20 million acres that store 3.3 billion tons of carbon. 

This latest newsletter The Climate Issue shares just a few recent victories for our planet in the fight against climate change that you have made possible.

As we experience global threats, there is hope. That hope is you and people around the world who are committed to keeping our planet healthy.

Thank you for being a part of Nature and Culture’s community.

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