Conserving the world’s most biodiverse hotspots in partnership with local communities and governments.

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Where do we work?

We protect some of the largest water and carbon reserves in Latin America.

We focus on whole ecosystem protection from the Ecuadorian Amazon, to the Andes Mountains, to the dry forest.

In Ecuador, we’ve identified five large geographic areas we call mosaics that we are working to protect and manage holistically.

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What do we do?

In Ecuador, Nature and Culture protects biodiverse hotspots, carbon stores, and water resources for present and future generations. We also provide pathways for sustainable livelihoods for local communities.

Our expert conservation work with both local communities and governments to provide resources and support in creating protected areas.


Climate change is the greatest threat to life on our planet. Deforestation and forest degradation are one of the main causes of climate change in the tropics. Nature and Culture International conserves forests and water resources that help local communities adapt to climate change. We mitigate climate change by reducing deforestation and ecosystem degradation which allows forests to capture and store carbon from the atmosphere.

Wild Places

The connectivity of wild places such as habitats and ecosystems is key to the conservation and survival of animals and the preservation of ecosystem services, such as water. Nature and Culture supports the conservation of species by protecting the migration of populations through the creation of longitudinal and altitudinal connectivity corridors and large landscapes.


In Ecuador, water sources are deteriorating at an accelerated rate, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable and integrated management of water resources in the country. Nature and Culture ensures healthy ecosystems that provide ecosystem services and sustain the communities that depend on them.


Nature and Culture provides technical and logistical support to local and international universities and other NGOs for the monitoring, evaluation, and research of threatened species and ecosystems. Thanks to this research, we have taken action to prevent species extinction and found strategies that allow us to conserve biodiverse landscapes for the long term.


Some of Nature and Culture’s most important conservation successes have come from working directly with local and Indigenous communities to maintain connections to their land, strengthen land titles, fortify their collective rights, build capacity, and generate income sustainably.

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Our local partners

Nature and Culture works together with universities, public and private institutions, communities, and local governments to protect biologically and culturally diverse landscapes. Our partners are fundamental to achieving our conservation objectives. We believe that conservation is only possible when working together with the people who live in the territories we aim to protect.

Our Team in Ecuador

We have field experts specializing in geography, law, and conservation who support communities, organizations, and local and national governments to protect biologically and culturally diverse landscapes.

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Felipe Serrano

Ecuador Country Director

Nora Sánchez Luzardo

Senior Latin American Communications Coordinator