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The Andwa: A Resurging Indigenous Nationality


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Watch the story of the indigenous Andwa Nationality for the first time in the recording below.

In the Ecuadorian Amazon, there is an indigenous nationality fighting to keep their culture alive. These ancestral guardians have persevered in the face of threats and conflicts, reclaiming their identity to become one of the 11 recognized indigenous nationalities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. They are the Andwa: a resurging indigenous nationality.

Watch the documentary The Andwa: A Resurging Indigenous Nationality followed by a Q&A session with Andwa President Daniel Dagua and Nature and Culture conservationist Jaime Toro in the recording below.

Thanks to caring people like you, Nature and Culture has partnered with more than 30 indigenous nationalities, including the Andwa, who are deeply committed to the protection of their land. We provide extensive technical and legal support that helps them attain their goals of preserving their rich culture and extraordinary ancestral homelands.