El Sabinito Sur

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El Sabinito Sur

The communities surrounding our Monte Mojino Reserve are becoming engaged in the reserve’s conservation activities and sharing their knowledge of this endangered landscape.

El Sabinito Sur is a small community about 10 miles east of Alamos, Mexico. Several of the Monte Mojino Reserve’s guardian staff grew up in El Sabinito Sur and still live there with their families. El Sabinito Sur is a long way from the bustling urban environs of Alamos. It sits amid tropical deciduous forests and is surrounded by beautiful vistas of the Sierra Madre Occidental.

The people of El Sabinito Sur are a storehouse of knowledge about tropical deciduous forests, the Río Cuchujaqui and its tributary arroyos, and the backcountry of Sonora. Each generation continues to pass along the practical skills necessary for living in a remote rural setting.

Our staff in Alamos have also had the opportunity to encourage the artisans of El Sabinito Sur who do lovely embroidery work and weave baskets, called guaris, and mats using the native Sabal palm. The wives of the Monte Mojino Reserve’s guardian staff have taken a special interest in doing embroideries of native birds, mammals, and plants. We make an effort to showcase this handwork and basketry and provide opportunities for women to sell their crafts.