Pamau Nain Conservation Concession

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Pamau Nain Conservation Concession

Following extensive work with 11 indigenous Awajun communities and the regional government of Amazonas, Peru, the Pamau Nain Conservation Concession was declared, protecting nearly 115,000 acres of pristine Amazon rainforest.

The indigenous Awajun people have been stewards of the rainforest for thousands of years. Now, with the support of our local team in Amazonas, Peru, they have obtained the legal right to manage a large swath of their ancestral territory. Not only will the Pamau Nain Conservation Concession preserve the pristine Amazon rainforest in which they live – it will help to preserve their traditional way of life.

This project began several years ago when we hired Awajun leader Eduardo Weepiu Daekat and renowned anthropologist Peter Lerche to work alongside our local team. Over the course of more than one year, they made numerous trips to visit and speak with these 11 communities – trips that sometimes took up to three days by car, boat, and foot. Overcoming cultural obstacles, our team became trusted advisors of the Awajun people in their quest to protect their land, which is home to an incredible wealth of tropical species including tapirs, jaguars, and spider monkeys.

To ensure the implementation of effective conservation practices, we helped to create the Pamau Nain Conservation Association, which unites the leaders of nine Awajun communities to coordinate conservation, cultural, and sustainable development activities.

Now, we are working with additional Awajun communities and the regional government of Amazonas to create the proposed Dase Nain Conservation Concession.